5 Windows Apps to Boos Productivity

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Windows provides many powerhouse apps for productivity without paying hundreds of bucks on the app store. While it is true that macOS comes with many built-in apps for video editing, note-taking and more, Windows is leading the front regarding non-macOS devices. Windows has tons of default apps that efficiently and without any money get the job done for you whether you’re working a 9-5 or juggling through university as a student.

Some Windows productivity apps do tasks such as those tailored for organizing data and files, browsing the web faster or editing quickly without much navigation. Since most of these apps are free and come with elementary and quick tutorials on getting started, Windows has become a user favorite among the new generation.

Since productivity apps aim to keep tasks organized, smooth workflow, and boost productivity tenfold, Windows apps cater to just these goals. After extensive research and user reviews, we have compiled a list of 5 Windows apps best suited to improve productivity and are available to download for free on the Microsoft store. So, read on and download these apps to improve your workflow and make your digital work less time-consuming and more efficient and fun.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is Windows’ internet browser, possibly one that has been drastically improved and is in a competing space alongside browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft Edge operates at a breakneck speed while consuming significantly few resources and energy. Since Microsoft Edge was relaunched, it has gained a wide range of users due to its clean and minimal interface.

Further, since Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium, the same open-source code as Google Chrome, it also comes with all the extension options. Extensions can be easily installed on your best laptop with little to no disruptions in your workflow, increasing your productivity immensely. Microsoft Edge has many more features for efficiency and accessible browsing experiences.

Firstly, Microsoft Edge follows an automatic sleep system that puts tabs to sleep if detected inactive for a set time. This conserves energy and computing power, which is also great for sustainability and conservation efforts. Further, unlike most web browsers, Microsoft Edge allows tabs to be displayed vertically, making it much easier to keep ‘tabs’ on all the tabs open in the browser.


This finder tool app is the best free Windows app for quickly previewing files without opening them. This app makes your scroll and finding tasks much easier and less time-consuming. QuickLook works insanely fast, especially when accessing large files with more than a few GBs. Although many other options are available in the Microsoft store, QuickLook is the best app for rapid preview features on your PC or mobile phone.

It is also straightforward to use and navigate for beginners, where all you need to do is click on a file and press the spacebar key. As soon as you do that, a large image will appear, revealing the file’s contents. It is especially significant while working with multimedia files such as Photoshop. Since the critical component in productivity tools is time efficiency, this app is a must-have to make tasks easier for you.


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The notion is undoubtedly one of the best Windows productivity apps that combines multiple facets of the organization, managing and storing databases in one app. NoNotion’selling point, however, is its incredible note-taking features which are easy to get used to and come with highly developed text editing features. In addition, it provides various options to organize your notes and embed images, videos, documents and all sorts of media within your notes alongside great formatting choices.

The notion is a great productivity tool to organize your tasks and goals; jot down all your data and references in one place, whether you’re analyzing your work efficiency or using it to organize your semester assignments or exam data. Whatever features you can think of that multiple apps provide, Notion does it all in one app with options for checklists, calendars, complex databases and more.

With most of the features available for the free version, Notion is famous for its minimalist and one-for-all interface that is not only non-cluttering but can be used for various projects on the same boards. The notion also provides many customizable layouts which can be used for new users to get the hang of the app. Most of all, this app is available on a desktop app on your PC, as well as a mobile app on your smartphone, which makes it very accessible and convenient to add notes on the go.

Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Managers wins the first spot amongst Windows apps for its extendable history, sync options and user-friendly controls. This app is a lifesaver for writing work that allows copying and pasting from URLs, emails and passages in one go. With easy navigation using Win+V, you can easily extend your clipboard history and ensure you don’t write the previously copied text.

The clipboard manager also allows you to sync your clipboard history across multiple devices, which makes the tasks even more accessible. This is especially great for people working on multiple devices, such as an HP laptop and a tablet. A clipboard manager is the best Windows software available for free, allowing you to copy multiple texts, images and files to your clipboard.

Flow Launcher

Flow Launcher is an excellent Windows app that allows switching from browsers, websites and apps with a button tap for users whose work involves multiple apps and extensions. By pressing Alt+Spacebar, a small text window pops up on the screen with searching options to launch other apps. It allows many cool features, including customizing commands, Google searches without browser launch, and opening multiple websites, apps and even calculations without having to go back and forth between your main app or browser.

This app is a great productivity app for a seamless workflow, especially on busy days or if you’re supporting an old device that keeps lagging. It is incredibly well-designed with great accuracy when searching documents or files. Since it is an open-source utility with a very intuitive build, it allows searching through files to become a quick and easy task. We recommend a flow launcher if you happen to do challenging navigating tasks online and tend to use different apps and browsers for your work.

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