Best Antivirus for iPhone & iPad

Do you own an iPhone or iPad? Then you are having one of the best devices ever in the globe. Currently, most people prefer purchasing Apple devices. Yes, they are the best in the market, and they are sleek. So, if you are planning to buy one, you need to have extensive knowledge of how to use an iPhone or iPad.

Best Antivirus for iPhone & iPad

They are not like the usual smartphones. If you are not familiar with it, you will have trouble using it initially. The first thing you should know about iPhone’s or iPad’s is security. You need to install the best antivirus for your device to avoid losing your data.

When you open your iTunes app store, you will notice there several antiviruses that are compatible with either your iPad or iPhone. That being the case, I will help you know the best antiviruses that you can install on your device.

So, in this informational piece, I will inform you about the best antiviruses for your iPhone & iPad.

Before informing you about them, I will categorize them in two forms:

  • Free Antivirus for iOS ( both iPhones & Ipad)
  • Paid Antivirus for iOS ( iPhone & Ipad)

Free iPhone & iPad Antivirus Applications

The following are some of the antivirus apps you can download from the Apple Store for your iPhone or iPad.

McAfee: Mobile Security & Wi-Fi Scan

McAfee from the Apple Store

McAfee Mobile Security

To safeguard your personal information on your iPhone or iPad, then this is one of the best antivirus apps you can download for free from the Apple App Store. The current McAfee mobile security and Wi-Fi scan also have premium features that you can also subscribe to.

The new premium features include;

  • Wi-Fi Guard VPN
  • Find Phone

These features keep your devices safe from risky public Wi-Fi and can get your phone when you lose it. The following are features of McAfee Mobile Security & Wi-Fi Scan.


  • Media and Photo Vault

You can save your private photos and videos in the press and photo vault using your preferred PIN. With Touch and Face ID, you can unlock the vault anytime.

Additionally, your photo sessions encrypt themselves automatically in the vault.

  • Contact Backup

You can lose your device, and when that happens, you will lose your contacts. To avoid such a scenario, ensure you use the contact backup feature provided by McAfee.

  • System Security Scan

Updating your Apple device is sometimes something you forget. However, with this feature, you can scan it to ensure it is updated. Also, it helps you detect Wi-Fi bouts and risky Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • Wi-Fi Scanner

Connecting to different unsecured Wi-Fi is something so usual currently. Therefore, to avoid putting your data easy to access, then McAfee has a Wi-Fi scanner, which enables you to detect lousy Wi-Fi connections.

Using the GPS tracker, you can find your lost phone. You need to turn on the alarm remotely. That will enable you to locate your lost phone.

Mcafee download for PC.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security for iphone

Avira Mobile Security

To keep your photos, contacts, and email messages safe, then your partner should be Avira Mobile Security. Some website gets access to your personal information without your consent. However, when you are using Avira on your iPhone or iPad, then you are secure from such.

Therefore, if you want your device to safeguard your data without any access by any other person illegally, then use Avira.


  • Anti-Theft Tools

It has a phone locator and trigger siren, which you can use when your phone is lost.

  • Anti-Phishing Websites

Not all sites are secure, but with Avira, your device will be protected from unsecured websites.

  • Identity Safeguard

Do you know your emails get leaked without your knowledge? Yes, if you want to prevent that, then use Avira as it has an identity safeguard that will inform you if your email has been leaked. Download Avira for PC.

Other features include;

  • Device analyzer
  • Network scanner
  • Privacy manager
  • Activity report

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security and Privacy for ios

Avast Mobile Security

For malware protection on either your iPhone or iPad, you need an antivirus that will protect you fully. Avast Mobile Security is what you require for your phone. It works both when you are online and offline.


  • Wi-Fi Security

Not always you will notice that your phone has connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi. When it happens, your telephone becomes vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, with Avast, your phone cannot link to any unsecured Wi-Fi without verification.

  • Password Security

We tend to have different passwords for different accounts. You may forget and lose vital information. To prevent that, you can use this antivirus to save your passwords securely.

  • Photo Vault

Your photos are personal, but some people will want to view them without permission. To avoid this, Avast has the Photo Vault feature where you can store your photos by encrypting them with a Touch ID, Pin, or Face ID.

  • VPN

If you want privacy, online, Avast has a VPN that secures your identity and location from malicious people. Therefore, your online activity will be private.

Get Avast for PC.

LogDog Mobile Security

Install LogDog Directly from the Apple App Store

LogDog Mobile Security

Want an application that will protect your iPhone or iPad against malicious threats? LogDog should be your choice. It provides you with the necessary security your device requires from online privacy and safeguarding it from viruses.


  • Online Privacy

Your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or Instagram are on each iPhone and iPad device. To avoid your account from being hacked, using LogDog. It secures your social media accounts.

  • Identity Theft

Currently, the use of social media or online presence has made identity theft easier. To prevent your identity theft, you need to use LogDog.

  • Data Protection

Your personal information is crucial, and safeguarding it from hackers should be your main priority.

For more features, download LogDog from the App Store and get the most out of this Best Antivirus for iPhone & iPadAntivirus app for your iPhone or iPad.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Download Trend Micro Mobile Security from the Apple Store

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Your digital life should be enjoyable, not to live with fears. It would help if you had the freedom and the thought that your information is secure from harmful threats. The best App for such is Trend Micro Mobile Security.


  • Prevents malevolent websites and ads
  • Wi-Fi Checker
  • Has a secure browser
  • Locate lost device
  • Data usage report
  • iMessage protection
  • It has parental control tools
  • Permits private web browsing

Lookout Security and Protection

Find Lookout on Apple Store and Download it on your iPhone or iPad

Lookout Mobile Security

To protect your phone’s data from people with bad intentions. Then Lookout Mobile Security is what you need for your iPhone or iPad. It is among the powerful mobile security apps for your iPhone or iPad.


  • Missing Gadget

When your iPhone or iPad is lost, either stolen or misplaced, then if you have Lookout Mobile Security, you can get it with no issues. You can call your gadget directly from its official website.

  • Safe Browsing

Phishing websites can cause damage that you didn’t anticipate. To avoid that, you need an antivirus that provides you with safe browsing.

  • Wi-Fi Security

Unsecure Wi-Fi connections are prone to exposing personal data Lookout. You can know if your Wi-Fi connection is secure.

  • Breach Report

If you suffer personal data loss, you can know that by getting a breach report. It will inform you of what you will do to secure your data back.

  • Data Backup

Your contacts, photos, and videos are important, and you need a secure place to store them. The lookout gives you the ability to back them up for future use.

  • iOS Update

I know that you might forget to update your iOS. However, you can use Lookout Mobile Security always to keep your device updated.

Norton Mobile Security

Download Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security

Your iPhone or iPad requires security and web protection. The best app to give you all these is Norton Mobile Security. Norton guards you against cyber threats and online scams that can put your personal information in jeopardy.

Features of Norton Mobile Security

  • Wi-Fi Security

When you are using public Wi-Fi, you are putting your information on a platform that can be accessed by cybercriminals. With Norton, you are sure that you cannot use any public Wi-Fi without being notified.

  • Web Protection

When you are online, you can visit a malicious site. That will make your device and personal information in danger. For web protection, it is best if you use Norton.

  • Device security

If your iPhone or iPad is out of date, this app will notify you to upgrade to the latest iOS version. Also, it protects your gadget from hackers.

Panda Mobile Security

Secure your iPhone or iPad with Panda Mobile Security

Panda Mobile Security

If you own an iPhone or iPad, then you require an antivirus that has a variety of features to keep your device safe. It has a geolocation system that will help you when your device is either stolen or lost.

Features of Panda Mobile Security

  • VPN Services

If you are using Panda for free, then you can use the VPN feature for a specified period. That is different for premium users as you will get unlimited VPN services.

  • Protects Against Ransomware

Ransomware is malware that puts one into total disarray. To avoid such instances, it is best when you use Panda for either your iPhone or iPad.

  • Parental Control

Currently, children will require a phone to access social media platforms. However, they are not restricted to which sites they can visit. To prevent your child’s device from accessing some websites, you can use Panda because it has the parental control feature.

Panda also has a cleanup tool, password manager, and a real-time scanner.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Safeguard your iOS device with Bitdefender

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Your activity online should be private. You cannot achieve that if you don’t have a powerful antivirus for your iPhone or iPad. With Bitdefender, you are confident that your activity and personal information is not accessed when you are online.

Features of Bitdefender

  • VPN

Are you afraid of using public Wi-Fi? Then with Bitdefender, you don’t need to worry. It protects your internet connection; hence, no one can access your device.

  • Anti-Theft

If you lose your gadget, you don’t need to worry. You can still operate it and protect it from any access.

  • Web Protection

Secure browsing is what you require, and how can you do that without Bitdefender? So, if you want to protection when visiting any website, then you must use Bitdefender.

  • Account Privacy

Your email account can be hacked without your knowledge. Therefore, if you don’t want to have such a scenario, you need to use Bitdefender.

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Keep your iOS gadget safe with MobiShield


Your iPhone or iPad security is essential even if it will cost you a few coins. So, if you want privacy, you need to install MobiShield from Apple Store. That will help you from malware infections or entry on your gadget.

Features of MobiShield

  • Real-time protection both offline and online
  • Device monitoring

MobiShield monitors the following things on your device. They comprise of Storage, traffic, battery, and system information.

  • Recovery and backup of contacts
  • It has a safe vault

After installing MobiShield, you only need to pay a monthly subscription of $0.99.

F-Secure Safe

Download F-Secure Safe from the Apple Store

F-Secure Safe

Safety is what you need to consider first when you purchase an iPhone or iPad. Therefore, if you are looking for a companion that will keep your device safe and secure, then go for F-Secure Safe.

  • Safe Browsing

Not all sites are safe. Some can harm your device without any notice. So, for secure browsing time, install F-Secure.

  • Find Your Device

When your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen, don’t panic. If you had installed F-Secure, you could locate it quickly.

  • Parental Control

If your child is either using an iPhone or iPad, you can install F-Secure to monitor all your child’s activities online.

Fyde Mobile Security

Directly from the Apple Store Download Fyde Mobile Security

Fyde Mobile Security

Do you do online banking, shopping, work, date, or share information? Then it would help if you had a partner that will secure your personal information. Fyde is free on the Apple Store.


  • Protects your Identity

Some harmful websites might want to still your identity without your information. To prevent this from happening, install Fyde to protect you from such sites.

  • Automatic Notifications

Fyde will notify you of the threats it has blocked and inform you about unsafe Wi-Fi and websites.

Fyde Mobile Security has been one of the best antiviruses you can install on your iOS device.


To always keep your iPhone or iPad secure, you need to use an antivirus that is compatible with your device. So, if you are looking for security, install any of the above antiviruses directly from the App Store.

If you have any questions about any other iOS antivirus, don’t forget to ask us. Also, if you have any comments, don’t forget to send it. We will answer it promptly.

Do I need virus protection for my iPhone?

Yes, It is recommended by many security experts that you use a good Antivirus on your iPhone or Ipad.

Do Apple iPhones get viruses?

Yes, Apple iPhones can be affected by advanced hackers in many ways so it’s a good practice to use Antivirus.

What is the best antivirus for iPhone?

It’s really difficult to answers this question until you decide what kind of protection you are looking for in the first place. If you are not sure then, check our expert comparison between all the AV. or you can pick an all-round antivirus like Mcafee.

Can my iPhone get a virus from a website?

The answer is YES. but generally, this is more common in PC and very rare in iPhones.

Can I scan my iPhone for malware?

Yes, You can scan all files on your iPhone by installing one of the Antivirus we mentioned in the article.

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