Best Free Antivirus For Android Mobiles

I am sure that you either want to buy or have an Android smartphone. With technological change, many phones in the market have an Android operating system.

Having a smartphone is a good thing. But think you are going to a whole new world of technology where you will have to store your personal information on your phone.

Be it financial details, work information, or any other private information. Which should be only known to you is readily available to third party sources without your consent.

No matter how good Android smartphones are, but this is one big challenge that most users face.

Best Antivirus For Android Mobiles

So, what is the best solution to this menace? A compatible antivirus for your Android smartphone. If you want to secure your personal information, you can use an antivirus. They have worked before, and they are still working.

They protect your phone from hackers or malware that will want to access your phone and cause harm. Without many words, there are many antiviruses in the Goggle Playstore. But not all of them work to the minimum standards.

Compatible Devices: All of these Antivirus Apps will work with any Android phone with latest version of Android OS. For example, Google Pixel Phones, Samasun Galaxy Phones, Oneplus Smartphones, Oppo, Vivo, Huwaei Phones, MI phones and all kind of all manufacturer phones are compatible.

That is why, in this informative piece, I want to inform you of twelve of the best free antivirus for Android phones.

They include;

1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Download Kaspersky for android

Kaspersky Mobile Security

If you own an Android phone and you want to secure your phone with that latest and super antivirus, then Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is the best. You can download it for free for your smartphone or tablet to safeguard your personal information from malware.


  • It has an antivirus protector which routinely blocks malware on your android device
  • Did you misplace or lose your phone? Don’t worry, Kaspersky has the “Find My Phone” feature, which will help you locate your device when it gets lost.
  • If you don’t want someone to access your Apps like WhatsApp or Instagram, then you can lock them using “App Lock” feature
  • Protects you from dangerous websites by the use of the web filter feature
  • It has anti-phishing that protects your financial data safe when you are online banking or shopping. Try Kaspersky for Windows 10 Laptops or Desktops.

2. AVG Mobile Security

AVG Mobile Security for your android device

AVG Antivirus

Your photos, messages, and memories are outstanding, and safeguarding them is your top priority. However, the question lingering on your mind is how I will keep them safe? It is by use of a mobile security application. When you are looking for one, consider AVG Mobile Security.


  • It has an anti-theft phone tracker. When your phone is lost or stolen, you can find it using this feature. You need to use another device and go to the Anti-Theft Phone Tracking site and see the location of your device.
  • Do you want to keep some of your information private? You can do it by using App Lock.
  • AVG has a camera trap for people who are snooping on your phone without your permission. If someone enters a pin or password more than three times without success, the app automatically captures his or her face secretly and send it to your email.
  • For spyware, malware, virus, unsafe apps, and unwanted callers, you can use AVG because it has a powerful antivirus. Get AVG for Windows 10.

3. Comodo Mobile Security

Comodo Mobile Security to Android

Comodo Mobile Security

Looking for an antivirus for Anroid Smartphone that will safeguard your android gadget from phishing and other issues that may reduce its performance? Then Comodo Mobile Security is what you require. Visit Comodo Mobile Security to download this app for your android phone or tablet.


  • For virus shield, Comodo has the latest system that checks for hidden viruses on your device. It also removes Ads and destructive USSD attacks from malevolent websites
  • Do you want to block someone who is texting or calling you? Then Comodo has the SMS/Call Blocking feature
  • When your Android device is stolen or lost, you can find it easily if you have Comodo Antivirus. You can see its current location even if the thief has changed the sim card. In other settings, you can make sure that the app takes a picture of the thief and sound an alarm when stolen. Also, you can remotely lock it to prevent access to your device and remove all your information from the phone or device instantly.
  • It has the Backup feature to enable you to retrieve your data when it gets lost
  • You can optimize your device system using the Comodo System Optimizer
  • Store your hidden information privately like phone numbers or messages

Therefore, if you want an application that will make your phone safe and secure, then download Comodo Mobile Security.

4. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android

Avast Mobile Security

The latest apps, like Avast, have transformed mobile security. It is an antivirus application that you need to download and install on your android device. Therefore, if you are looking for a full-featured antivirus app, then install this app on your phone or tablet.


  • To make your online activities private and your location Avast has a VPN that facilitates them.
  • For security, your device Avast protects you against malicious Wi-Fi networks you connect or website you visit.
  • Avast scans for malicious threats on your Android device regularly
  • It checks if the app you are installing is safe for your device
  • Avast has an anti-theft feature which enables you to find your phone when lost or stolen
  • To remove unnecessary stuff on your phone, you can use it to clean junk files on your phone. To speed your phone’s processor, it has a RAM boost feature.

5. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security for Android

McAfee Mobile Security

Having won awards in 2018 and 2019, McAfee has grown to become one of the best Mobile Security apps for your Android. Go to your Google Play and download this application for free. Apart from smartphones and tablets, you can also use it on your smartwatch. You can download Mcafee Windows 10 version here.


  • McAfee has an antivirus. It is to safeguard your device from malware, spyware, and viruses
  • To protect your device when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. This app has a Wi-Fi Security feature
  • Safe web browsing. McAfee safeguards you from unsecured websites
  • When your device is lost or stolen, you can find it using Anti-Theft device locator
  • Do Ads taunt you whenever you open an application on your gadget? If so, then install McAfee Mobile Security to block such Ads
  • It optimizes your phone for better performance

6. Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security


For the best performance of your phone and safety from viruses, spyware, malware, and other evil things that may affect your android phone or tablet. Sophos Mobile Security is among the best app you can download on your Android gadget.


  • For protection against unwanted applications, USSDs, and apps you are installing then Sophos has an anti-malware and antivirus protection feature
  • To protect your android device when stolen or lost having Sophos will enable you to locate it immediately as it has loss and theft protection feature
  • If you are tired against spam message or calls, then this app offers you an opportunity to block all of them
  • Safeguards your personal information by informing you which apps are accessing your data

You can download Sophos Mobile Security on your Android device either on Google Play or through this link.

7. DFNDR Security

DFNDR Mobile Security for Android phones


Currently, many of you are complaining about internet fraud, viruses, or malware on your Android phones or tablets. If you have ever gone through this, then DFNDR Security is the best app you need to download and install on your gadget.


  • It has an anti-theft feature
  • Checks your application for any privacy risks
  • Safeguards your device from viruses and unsecured websites with anti-hacking and anti-phishing features
  • If you don’t want access to your apps and photos. Use the App Lock feature
  • Fast phone cleanup for junk files

8. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Mobile Security for android gadgets

Avira Antivirus

To keep your data safe from unwanted sources, you require to have a powerful antivirus for your android device. One which blocks spyware, phishing attacks, malware removal, and block Ads.

Download Aviara for Windows 10.


  • Protects your microphone and camera from third-party access
  • It has an option of locking your applications from access by unwanted people
  • Scans which Wi-Fi network you connect
  • You can subscribe to Free Plan or Paid Plan
  • Powerful virus scanner
  • Phone locator and tracker
  • It has anti-ransomware.

Read about the best Free Antivirus for Windows 10 2020.

9. 360 Security: Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner

360 Security Antivirus for Android devices

360 Security

You need an antivirus app that protects your android phone from spyware, malware, virus, and other malicious things. It also has a speed booster and junk cleaner. Go to Google Playstore to download and install it on your device.


  • Wi-Fi security is essential that’s why 360 security protects you from malicious Wi-Fi
  • Optimizes the memory of your phone by removing junk files
  • Offers you real-time protection by scanning apps and other data in your phone or tablet
  • It has an application manager which helps you to move applications to your microSD

10. Security Master

Security Master Antivirus

Security Master

Formally it was known as CM Security. However, because of upgrade it currently called Security Master. For the protection of your android from entry by unwanted people or malware, you can install this software. Go to Google Play and search for the app. After that, you can initiate the download. Hence it will be installed in your device.


  • It has a SafeConnect VPN. It is fast and secures your information while online
  • Wi-Fi Security scan. It identifies malicious Wi-Fi networks before you connect
  • Security Master has App Lock which you can use to protect your phone applications
  • It has an Anti-Theft alarm. When you lose or misplace your phone, you can quickly locate it when you have this antivirus app on your android phone or tablet
  • Cleans junk files, saves battery, optimizes your phone by boosting, and scans for viruses
  • To simplify your messages app, it has a more straightforward version which you can read and see incoming messages

11. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security

Technology advancement has made it easy to access information through mobile phones. In reverse, making your personal information at risk of being accessed by other people. For you’re the security of your mobile phone, you need to have software that protects it from viruses and other malware or spyware.

Then with that in mind, you can install Norton Mobile Security via their official website or through Google Play.

  • Antivirus scanner
  • Wi-Fi scanner. If you are going to connect to a new network, Norton will notify if it safe for use
  • Anti-theft feature. Whenever your phone gets lost, you can locate it with this feature and initiate cleanup of personal information instantly. Also, it will capture the image of the person who stole the phone
  • Protects you when you are visiting websites and informs you if a website is safe. You can get Norton for PC.

For Norton, there is a free and paid plan. To make sure that your phone is fully protected, you need to subscribe to the premium version. You can use the premium version free for thirty days.

12. Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

Bitdefender for Android


When it comes to a powerful antivirus, then Bitdefender is among the ones you need to think of before you install one in your android device. It has won the antivirus test award (AV-Test Award) three times. In 2015, 2016, and 2017. Making among the best to use.


  • It has a malware scanner which detects malware instantly
  • Keeps your account private from third party sources like hackers
  • Secures you when you are online. Mainly when you open malicious websites
  • Anti-theft. When your phone is lost or stolen you can know who has by initiating snap photo remotely
  • download Bitdefender for Windows 10 PC.

FAQ about Android Antivirus Apps

Which is the best free antivirus for Android?

There are few we can handpick among all the good Antivirus Apps. It’s hard to pick one but I have to pick one I would pick Avast. I recommend you to read the pros and cons of each AV and pick one that suits your needs.

Do I need Antivirus for Android?

Absolutely Yes. Android Phones are vulnerable to so many known and unknown attacks by hackers so one must use AntiVirus Application.

is Norton Antivirus Good for Android?

Yes, It is good but not definitely the number one. Check our comparison between the top Android Antivirus.

How do I clear a virus from my phone?

Install one of the best Antivirus and scan your phone with that App and remove all the infected files. It’s also a good idea to educate about security a bit.

What are the signs of a virus on your phone?

If you notice anything strange like Apps getting installed without your consent and many advertising notifications popping up on their own. These are the clear signs that your phone is getting infected.


These are the best antivirus apps you need to install on your android device. However, they all require your permission to keep your personal information safe. They all have powerful antivirus scanners. Hence, your device cannot be affected when you have one of these in your device.

Therefore, if you have an android smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, then go to Google Play and download and install one of these powerful antivirus applications.

Thank you for reading. For any question, please leave it in the comment section. Please share this guide to family and friends.

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