Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows 10 Free Download 32/64 Bit

Have you heard of Phishing, Password Stealing, hacking and any sort of such words? I think you have heard them, but did not take them so seriously. But, you need to take them so serious that your PC may also get affected with them. Yes, we often use our PCs for file downloading and file sharing, which may be one of the causes or an entry point for such attacks. If these so happened, then you will lose the important information like office work, saved passwords, saved card details from your PC. We need to be aware of both online and offline threats. We should not take them so easy, if so we will face many problems. Installing the right antivirus in our PC will protect us from all those threats and we will be safe from any sort of Virus and Trojans. I will let you know the importance of Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows 10 32/64 bit PC and how to download it.

download free Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows 10

Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the strong and free antivirus solutions. It identifies already known malware very quickly. It’s way of working is really good. If it finds anything new, it compares the new malware with the list of known and if not found will destroy it and will make an entry in it’s list. This is done to reduce the process of destroying the malware, which in turn improves the performance of the PC. Bitdefender Free Antivirus is the perfect antivirus software for Windows 10 PC or Laptop and is easy to download and install. Like other antivirus, it also allows you to perform full system scan or the particular file, folder or drive scan. It has the best feature of fast scanning of the malware and removing them from your Windows 10 PC 32/64 bit.
It is easy to update and it also suggests automatic updates often. Bitdefender has the good user interface which is very easy to use and easy to understand. It does not require any separate manual to use Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows 10. All you need to do is, just install it and perform the scan. It also scans for any threats or virus for the file you have downloaded and also for already present files. It means that, you are safe both online and offline. On the start screen of Bitdefender you will see tiles called Protection, Tools and Privacy and small tiles called Scan, Safety, Optimize and Update. Bitdefender antivirus installed in Windows 10 will help you to optimize the scanning for specific files and folders.

Some more important points and features of Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows 10 32/64 bit

  • Bitdefender has the user friendly interface.
  • It offers you the optimized scanning of your files and folders.
  • You can be safe both online and offline with Bitdefender installed in your Windows 10 PC/Laptop for free.
  • It performs full system scan and a particular drive scan.
  • It intimates you whenever an update is available.
  • Updating Bitdefender regularly is much recommended.

These are some of the points and features of Bitdefender Free Antivirus for Windows 10 32/64 bit. If you have anything to add please do share with us through comments.

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