Download Zapya For PC/Laptop, Install Zapya For Windows 10/8.1/8

We come across stuff like important files, funny photos, videos and songs on internet and we download it to our smart devices and desktops. We want to share it with others and apps and softwares which you are using till now, may require the sharing devices must be in the same Wi-Fi connection and many more such restrictions. It means, it takes your internet and bandwidth to share files across your devices. Have you ever thought of sharing files across devices and that too across different platforms without the need to internet and Wi-Fi connection? If yes, then Zapya for PC/Laptop is the right app to share files across devices and platforms. I will let you know how to Download Zapya For PC/Laptop and Install Zapya For Windows 10/8.1/8 in this article.

download Zapya Windows

Zapya for file sharing

Zapya is the fastest app or tool for sharing and transferring files among cross platform devices. It is fast and accurate and is 128 times faster that Bluetooth. Sharing and transferring files is done without the need of internet. Person with whom you are sharing does not need to manually install Zapya and it gets installed when you share and transfer files with that person. Zapya allows you to share any sort of files from device to device with high speed. Zapya became so popular because of it’s features like sharing and transferring any sort of files and it also supports huge files. It transfers any file easily and quickly.

Download Zapya For PC/Laptop, Install Zapya For Windows 8.1/8/10

You might have used Zapya in your android, iOS and Windows mobiles and if you want to use Zapya on your PC, you can even do that with simple steps. It is very easy to Download Zapya For PC/Laptop and Install Zapya For Windows 8.1/8/7 by installing BlueStacks. There might be many Android emulators available like Mobogenie, YouWave but I found BlueStacks is best among them.

First step is to download BlueStacks and wait till it completes the download. Time taken for the download is based on the internet speed and size of the software. Once downloaded, double click the ‘.exe’ and ‘yes’ for confirmation and your BlueStacks will get installed. It creates shortcut on the desktop.

Download and Install Zapya on Windows 10/8.1

Follow these steps to download and install Zapya for Windows 8.1/8/7/ and Laptop/PC to share files with cross-platform devices without any internet and Wi-Fi connection.

Now, double click on the BlueStacks shortcut created on the desktop and it opens the BlueStacks. You will see the Top Apps and Other Apps on the start screen. First see whether the Zapya was in the list of other Apps and if it is not, then click on the orange color button Search.

install zapya for laptop

search zapya for pc

It provides you the search box, to type and search apps you want. Now, as we want to install Zapya for PC, then type “Zapya” in the search bar. If asked for login, use your Google login credentials. If Zapya is available in BlueStacks already, then it shows up the app, else it shows “Search Play for Zapya”. Click on Search Play for Zapya link on the screen.

zapya bluestacks

search play for bluestacks

Now, you are taken to Google Play Store and it shows the Zapya App. Double click on the Zapya App and click on the Install App. It takes time based on the size of the App to install it on your PC. This is the way to install Download Zapya For PC/Laptop and Install Zapya For Windows 8.1/8/7

install zapya windows 10

install zapya from play store

After the completion of the installation, you can find Zapya in the Apps section. Now, you can open Zapya on your PC/Laptop and can share all types of files with all devices across all platforms without the need to internet and Wi-Fi connection.

 Features of Zapya for PC

  • You can not only share files, images, videos and audio, you can share almost everything using Zapya from one device to another device. You can share it easily and does not worry about the size of the file you are sharing. Sharing and transferring is also speed and it transfers and is accurate too.
  • If you want to share the same file to some group of people, it is very easy using Zapya. You do not need to share the file to all individually. Zapya allows you to create a group and add people to it. Now, share the file with the group and people in that group can access that file. So, sharing in groups is also possible using Zapya.
  • You can even share apps from your device to others. Zapya has some default games and you can have fun with them. So, apart from sharing, it provides you games to play within the app itself.
  • If you have anything to share from your PC to any device, it has an option to connect to PC and start sharing between them. There might be many softwares like Airdroid and others, but Zapya was preferred by most due to it’s best features.

Final Words About Downloading Zapya For Windows 8 Laptops

Zapya for PC is really the best and most needed one. It allows you to share files across devices quickly and accurately without the need of internet connection and Wi-Fi. Sharing files in groups saves lot of time of sending files to individuals. You can even add more and more to groups to access those files. Sharing files from device to device across all platforms was solved using Zapya. It is free to install and provides many features as a free user.

You can share apps, games and any other file without being worried about the size. Installing Zapya for PC using BlueStacks is also easy and just follow the above steps to get the job done in an easy way. There are many settings available and change or set them based on your priority. Zapya is the most preferred app for sharing and transferring files across cross platform devices.

Have you installed Zapya in your desktop or laptop using BlueStacks? Please, do share your feedback and experience with us through comments.

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