Gameloop Download For Windows 10 & Mac OS

A whole new experience of playing android games on your Windows 10 or Mac PC is the most exciting thing. When playing a game like Call of Duty on your phone, you are more likely not to enjoy the game.

However, when you play Pubg or Call of Duty Mobile on your PC, you get to enjoy the game. With that in mind, you need an emulator that will enable you to play android games on your PC.

Gameloop Download For Windows 10

Gameloop emulator is the best android emulator that works well on PCs. It is a powerful and reliable android emulator that enables you to play Tencent games on your Windows 10 or Mac PC. So, if you love playing PUBG or Lords mobile games, you can do that using Gameloop on your PC.

Scroll down to the bottom tp download Gameloop Mac OS edition.

Therefore, in this article, I will inform you more about the Gameloop emulator and how to download it to your PC.

To avoid or reduce network issues, Gameloop has the network accelerator feature where your network optimization takes place to make your internet connection the best as you play.

FAQ’s About Gameloop Emulator

  • Your PC’s minimum Ram size should be 4GB
  • The processor of your PC should be Intel or AMD and be Core i5 and above
  • The space on your PC should be 2GB and above
  • The screen resolution should be 720 and full High-Definition

Gameloop Download for Windows 10 PC or Mac OS

If you want to download Gameloop on your Windows 10 or Mac PC, then follow these steps.

  • Click on the below button to download the Gameloop on your Windows PC.

Download GameLoop on PC

Gameloop Download

Gameloop Download

  • After that, the download process will begin.
Download Process of Gameloop

Gameloop Download Process

The download process will finish, and you will have to install Gameloop Emulator on your PC.

How to Install Gameloop on Your PC?

Go to the file location where your Gameloop emulator file.

Then right-click the Gameloop emulator exe. File and Run as Administrator.

Install Gameloop

Run as Administrator

A new tab informing you to install the Gameloop emulator on your PC will appear. Click on Yes.

After that, click on Install.

Gameloop Installation

Getting started with Gameloop Installation

The installation process will now start.

Gameloop installation process

Windows 10 Desktop screen showing the Installation process

When it is complete, tap on Start to begin enjoying playing PUBG or Lords mobile games on your PC.

Gameloop Installation Process Complete

Starting GameLoop Emulator on Computer

Then this is the Gameloop emulator that will appear on your PC.

How Gameloop looks after installation

Gameloop UI on PC

How do I Update Gameloop Emulator?

If you want to update your Gameloop emulator, you need to go to the top right and click the three bars. You will see an update click it. Ensure that you have a good internet connection before you begin your upgrade.

How to Install Games on Gameloop?

Now your Gameloop download is complete, and you are done installing it on your Windows 10 or Mac PC. It is now time to install games on Gameloop. You can install games manually or directly from the game center.

I will take you through how to install games manually on Gameloop.

  • First, you need to have your game’s APK and Obb folder. If you have Lords Mobile game, then you must have its APK and Obb files.
  • While downloading, it will be named as XAPK file, but you need to change the XAPK to a ZIP file.
  • For simplicity, you need to have it on your phone and send it to your PC either by Bluetooth, Xender, or USB cable.
  • To locate the Obb file, you need to go to File Manager on your Android phone, select Android, and go to Obb and copy this folder “com.tencent.ig.”
  • After that, you can now move both the Obb and APK folders to Gameloop.
  • To locate Gameloop’s directory, you need to right-click on its icon and click on Properties.
  • You can go to the MobileGamePCShared folder on your Windows 10 or Mac PC.
  • Or go to the Temp folder and open TxGameDownload folder then select MobileGamePCShared folder
  • After doing that, you can now paste the APK and Obb folders here.
  • Have you done that? You can now open Gameloop to install your game’s APK, e.g., PUBG mobile game.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can now start playing your favorite android game using Gameloop on your Windows 10 or Mac PC.

GameLoop Windows 10 Version Details

 Name GameLoop
File Size 234.55 MB
Price $0.00
Platform Windows 10
 Category Android Emulators

GameLoop Mac Version Download

As of January, 1st-2020 GameLoop Mac Os variant emulator is not available to download yet. If you want to play Pubg or Call of Duty Mobile or any other games on your Mac OS then you can get the alternate Mac OS version Emulator here.

Download the MAC Verion.

Features of Tencent Gameloop Emulator

The following are features of the Gameloop emulator.

  • Control customization.
  • If you want to play your PUBG mobile game on your PC using specific controls, you can do that as it allows control customization.
  • Two languages.
  • Gameloop is available only in two languages English and Chinese.
  • Live stream.
  • As a player, you will want to live stream. You don’t have to use your browser, but you can do that on Gameloop.
  • It has lobby and room icons.
  • You can play with other players, even those who you are not familiar with.
  • No registration.
  • You don’t need to register on Gameloop, but you will need to log in with your Facebook profile account.
  • It has a game center.
  • If you need to play new games on Gameloop, you can do that by going to the game center and downloading new games.
  • Network accelerator.

You can also try Bluestacks for Windows 10 PC.

Advantages of Gameloop Emulator

  • Tencent games run without any problems.
  • You can live stream directly from the emulator, no need to use your browser.
  • Via the lobby and room, you can communicate with other players.
  • Through the game center, you can get to download some of the best Tencent games.
  • Ability to change controls to suit the way you play.


One of the reasons why Gameloop is the best emulator for playing android games on your PC is it runs so smooth. That enables you as a player to enjoy a continuous gaming time on your PC. Not to forget, you need to have a reliable internet connection.

Happy times ahead as you use Gameloop.

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