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If you are looking for a free and the best malware and spyware remover, then Combofix is what you require. Combofix is best for technicians and system administrators. Still, it is not advisable for users who don’t know how to use it because it can lead to a system failure, which will need you to install another operating system.

It is good to protect your Windows 7/8 PC from malware, spyware, crapware, viruses, and other threats. A team developed Combofix from Bleeping computer and sUBs that took place between 2006 and 2007. The Bleeping machine does the updates of this application.

Features of Combofix Windows 10 Version

With the increased use of the internet, currently, your Windows 7/8 PC is always at risk of being infected or affected. To protect your PC from such issues, you require Combofix. It is built to protect your PC from any arising malware or spyware problems.

Before you either download or install Combofix to your Windows 7/8 PC, you need to know about its features. They include:

Real-Time Protection

When online, you might download a software whose origin or content you don’t know. Some contain malicious threats that may affect your PC leading to loss of data. With Combofix, you are confident that your PC will always be protected from such maligning threats. Whenever you install an app that is considered malicious, it will be removed instantly, not to affect your PC.

Restoring Your System

Sometimes you update your system leading to some changes that you didn’t anticipate. That will give you some chills as you fear the system upgrade won’t work as you need. With Combofix, you can restore your system to previous settings. It also brings back the lost data.

Has an Antivirus

Ransomware, Trojans are real threats when you are visiting the internet. That’s why you require an antispyware program that is integrated with an antivirus to provide you full protection.

Automatic Update

With the current change in technology, there are upcoming threats that outdated antispyware won’t detect. However, Combofix automatically updates itself to combat such arising threats.

Removing Spyware

Combofix has an extensive database of spyware. Thus, once you scan your PC against threats and it notices some Spywares, it first identifies them then removes them from your PC.

Customer Support

Sometimes you may endure some technical issues while using Combofix. When that happens, don’t worry, they have prompt and online customer service support. For any problem, you can reach them at any time.

Easy to Use

Combofix is very easy to use. Once you download and install on your PC, it doesn’t have challenges when you want to scan for viruses or spyware.

Advantages of Combofix

  • It removes malware effectively
  • Deals with the hard to remove Windows 7/8 PC infections
  • Has a large malware database
  • Gives you a comprehensive report about the malware infection
  • Has an option of manual removal of malware if automatic removal doesn’t work
  • Has less false positives
  • It is free

Disadvantages of Combofix

  • Not suitable for beginner or intermediate users
  • If not used well it may lead to system failure

How to Download Combofix for Windows 10 or 7/8.1?

Go to your browser and type Combofix. Click on, then on the homepage, click on Download Now.

Download Now

Download Now

You can also go to the official website of the bleeping computer. That is an alternative to where you can download the Combofix software for your Windows 7 or 8 PC.

Download Combofix from Bleeping Computer

Download combofix

How to Use Combofix on Your Windows 10 or 7/8 PC?

To use Combofix on your PC, you need to End the Task of all software and program that you were using at that period.

Furthermore, you need to disable real-time protection software’s like Windows Defender. Also, other installed antimalware, antispyware, or antivirus programs on your PC.

Once you are done doing all the above, you can now install Combofix on your PC. By doing that, you will have avoided issues like a system failure.

NB: Remember, Combofix is not for Beginners or intermediate users. It will harm your PC if you don’t know how to use it.

How to Install Combofix?

Are you done downloading and learning how to use Combofix? Then you are now ready to install it on your Windows 7 or 8 PC.

  • Move to the Download folder of your PC to locate the Combofix application.
  • You can now right-click it and run it as an Administrator.

The installation tab will pop-up, and you will need to go on with the installation.

Once it is done, you can now start using Combofix to scan for malicious threats on your Windows 7 or 8 PC.

Why You Should Use Combofix?

Many users who use Combofix on their Windows 7 or 8 PC’ always praise this software. However, you, as a beginner or an intermediate PC user, are not advised to use Combofix as it requires technical knowledge. When you use it for the first time, it can lead to more harm to your PC rather than good.

So, the following are reasons you should use Combofix.

  • Windows Registry Fixing

When your Windows registry has an issue, other software is not able to fix it. Very few to mention. Therefore, if you have registry issues with your Windows, it is best when you use Combofix.

  • USB Recovery

One of the reasons why you should use Combofix is simple to use. It is easy as you can recover it using a USB drive. Which is not usual to other antimalware or antispyware software.

Download Combofix Conclusion.

Combofix is the best when your PC has infections. When other software fails to deal with the viruses, ultimately, Combofix ensures that your PC is out of danger and free from threats in the future. Therefore, if you want to protect your data provides that you use Combofix.

NB: If you are a new PC use or don’t know how to use Combofix, ask for assistance from a professional who knows how to use Combofix.

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Is Combofix compatible with Windows 10 PCs?

 No. Combofix is not compatible with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. But many people were able to use this on their PCs. It is recommended that you use other Anti-malware tools on Windows 10.

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