Download Moments App from Facebook: Share Photos With Your Friends Privately

When we go out for a picnic or for a tour, we and our friends take a lot of pictures with our smartphone or with the professional cameras. We have photos with us which we took from our device and our friends have photos which they have taken using their devices.

It is not so easy to get all the photos in one place and to have a look at them for one. If we want to share photos that we have with others, either we need to send them a mail or upload them to cloud and share them the link.

Even others need to do the same with us. This is really a hectic process and is also not the right way to share our special pictures.

To overcome these things and as a solution, Facebook introduces Moments. It is an app from Facebook which lets you share photos with one other privately and organizes all photos at one place.

Moments from Facebook


Once you install this app in your Android or iOS device, first it syncs all your photos with the Moments. Later, it gets organized based on place, date, time and other factors.

It even recognizes the people present in photographs using facial recognition technology and allows you to share those pictures with those identified people. In this way, you can share your photos with your friends through Moments.

Even other people who have your photos or photos which you want, they can share through Moments with you. They just need to sync with Moments and if you are using Moments from Facebook, then you will have access to those photos if they are shared with you.

Now, when you miss any pictures in any parties or picnic, ask your friends to share them with you through Moments. It also allows you to search based on every factor like name, date, time and more.

Now, it is very easy to share photos with your friends and it organizes all the photos at one place so that everyone can see all the photos at once. This really reduces all other ways of sharing photos with your friends.

Based on the facial recognition technology, it groups your photos based on the people you are with. It places photos you are with one friend as one group and photos with another friend as another group. It also suggests you tag your friends in your photos or photos shared with you.

So, from now on if you miss any pictures on your tour and want to get all of them in one place, then Moments does that job for you easily. It is also good at security as photos are shared privately with you. With just a single tap, your friends can share photos with you quickly.

share photos using moments

As of now, Moments from Facebook is available for Android and iOS and that is also only for US users and will roll out for other countries in coming days.

Features of Moments App

  • All your photos are organized privately at one place.
  • No need to text or mail individual photos to your friends. Sync them all at one place.
  • It allows you to search for photos easily.
  • You can save photos shared with you to your phone’s camera roll.

It allows you to share photos on instagram, Facebook and Messenger.