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Google has introduced the best web browser called Google Chrome for Windows 10. It has excellent and simple User Interface and easy to use. Its address bar is called Omni Box, and it allows you to search and browser from the same tab. Google Chrome on Windows 10 Computers gives you the search suggestions of your previous searches and more.

download google chrome for Windows 10 pc

When you start typing in the search box, then it shows the search suggestions for your previous visited sites, searches, and much more rights in the search box. Google Chrome is the only web browser which allows you to search and browse the web from the same search box.

Google Chrome keeps updating itself from time to time. Each update has its improvements and advancements when compared to the previous versions. Every version of Windows 10 Google Chrome makes it easy with the User Interface, and ease of access also gets increased.

Google Chrome free download is easy to do, understand, and use even for the naïve user who is new to web browsers. Download Google Chrome for Windows 10 as it is fast, secure and can sync all your devices. Let us look at more features before you download Google Chrome for Windows 10.

Google Chrome for Windows 10 PC or Laptops

Straightforward and easy User Interface

Google Chrome provides you the simple, clean and easy User Interface. It has a simple search bar also known as Omni Bar. It allows you to search quickly using the auto search suggestions based on your previous searches and previously visited websites. Bookmarking a site is also easy.

Instant search suggestions in windows 10

You just need to click on the start bar beside the search box, and your websites are bookmarked, allowing you to visit them again quickly without many efforts. Navigation to back, forward and refresh is also easy to use.

Privacy and Security

Google Chrome for Windows 10 provides you the Incognito mode which allows you to do private browsing. Using this, it does not save your browsing history. It is customizable and can have settings as per your need. The browser stops storing cookies in this mode of browsing. Using the Sandboxing feature of Chrome, it does not allow the virus to get, installed from any other website, and keeps your browsing safe.

Sync Across All Your Devices

Tabs which you have opened in mobile can be used on your desktop. You can sync across all your devices if you just log in with your Google ID on all your devices. Through this, you can operate Google Chrome across your devices. This helps to continue your browsing at any time from anywhere and through any instrument. Google Chrome free download on 62 bit Windows 10 OS.

Chrome Download Windows 10

Google Chrome also allows you to open the browser with the previously visited websites and also can open Chrome with the specific sites on the launch. This is an interesting feature. Chrome download for Windows 10 32 bit.

Technical Details:

  1. Version: 50.0.2661.94 m
  2. Requirements: Windows Vista/Windows 7 32-bit 64-bit/Windows 8 32-bit 64-bit/Windows 10 32-bit 64-bit
  3. Languages: Multiple Languages
  4. License: Open Source
  5. Author:
  6. Website: Google Inc.,

So, what are you thinking? Go ahead, download and install Google Chrome for Windows 10. You can also try Firefox for Windows 10.

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